Monday, August 11, 2008

I Suspect You

This card game may be played by any number of persons. As soon as the cards have been dealt and the players have examined their hands, the one on the left of the dealer plays the lowest card he has (the ace counting lowest). He must place the card face downward on the table, at the same time calling out what it is. The next player also puts down a card, face downward, and calls the next number; for instance, if No. 1 puts down a card and says "One," No. 2 says "Two," No. 3 "Three," and so on.

It is not necessary for the card laid down to be actually the one called out. The fun of the game is to put down the wrong card without, any one suspecting you. Naturally, it is not often that the cards run straight on, as no one may play out of turn, and if one player thinks another has put down the wrong card, he says, "I suspect you." The player must then show his card, and if it should not be the one he said, he must take all the cards laid down and add them to his pack; if, however, the card happens to be the right one, then the accuser must take the cards. The player who first succeeds in getting rid of his cards wins the game.

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